AI enabled no-code workflow app
I want to improve procurement process
Describe the process, AI generates the workflows and apps in 30 seconds. Fine tune easily with no-code after.
Simplify your workflow, empower your team with Inistate
No credit card needed.
On how AI-enabled no-code works.
Discover how Inistate can simplify your workflow and empower your team with our intuitive no-code app builder.
Create custom internal tools that are tailored to your unique needs with Inistate's simple drag-and-drop interface.
Streamline your team's productivity with Inistate's powerful tools that simplify your workflow and automate tasks.
Integrate seamlessly with other platforms and systems to maximize efficiency and minimize manual data entry.
Promote teamwork and collaboration within your team with Inistate's platform that enables easy sharing of information and collaboration on tasks.
Make informed decisions with real-time analytics and insights provided by Inistate's analytics dashboard.
  • case-study-1
    Inistate's flexibility and robustness are impressive where it covers our customized internal business process for Lavenderโ€™s fast-growing expansion.
    Tam Yong Wen
    Chief Executive Officer at Lavender Confectionery & Bakery
  • case-study-1
    Inistate's cutting-edge platform transforms project management for rental property renovation companies, fostering collaboration and driving efficiency, resulting in accelerated project completion and enhanced client satisfaction.
    Edmund Chu
    Managing Director at RentWorks Strategy
  • case-study-1
    Inistate has allow us to build an agile and adaptive business process, which helps us adapt efficiently to our retail brands and partners.
    Tan Ching Hwee
    Founder at PC Dreams Group

Powerful app

Powerful yet easy to use for all kind of business process ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Powerful App

easy to use and convenient

Great app

It help to track records and change our working behaviour

Great apps. Easy build, run, & scale ur workflows on one platform + Patient & knowledgeable customer support.

Good team support in assisting. Great job, keep it up ๐Ÿ‘

Very powerful and simple to use!

Customization app, helpful for small business

Good platform for small business to try. Powerful but easy to use. Definitely an app that you wont regret using.

Great app. Easy to use and beautiful graphics. Helpful tools to encourage collaboration amongst teammates as well.

Powerful app and easy to use.

An excellent App that allow you to shorten process time, smoother the operation process and cut down on paperwork.

User friendly for user, it is a customize apps

Wonderful App

Inistate is easy to use and convenient for all business sectors

Flexible system for multi purpose arrangement

Has been using since Fetias and the system able to do ticketing and asset management like other ITSM software. User friendly with no-code to update the system ourself.

Good platform and easy to use. Got a strong team to support to answer/solve our question.

Inistate can tranform business process flow into digital platform which allows task tracking and big data analysis for better business decision making.

A good tool makes my customised workflow traceable

FETIAS system impress me with their flexibility and simplicity.

FETIAS team is very helpful and quick response. Iโ€™m satisfied with the whole process of setting up my customised workflow for my organisation.

By using this system, I m able to trace back all the record and status for each job tasks , and improve the communication within the team. Team member become more actively report and update thru the system .

As the team leader , I m able to use this system as my reference for each memberโ€™s performance review.


It's a nice place to either learn or work, there's a great designed environment.

Useful software for company

Useful and advance features. It help our company increase efficiency & effectiveness in daily routine perform & execution & monitoring.

Useful Software Allow Non IT Person to Build

Really impress how Inistate can help and can do for help a small company to ease the operation ( fully digitalise) and get the really important data to guide the business!

Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of credit? What are the activities consumed credits?
inistate offers unlimited users and devices wihtout extra charges. inistate charges only usage. One credit will be consumed for users that did an activity that modifies entry's data. Viewing or generating reports does not consume any credits.
What language does inistate support?
inistate is in English. As most part of the system are configurable, users are free to define the fields and buttons using their preferred languages.
What browsers does inistate support?
inistate supports latest version of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.
What mobile platforms does inistate support?
inistate supports both Android and iOS. inistate apps is available for iOS version 13 or higher through Apple App Store and Android version 6.0 or higher through Google Play.
Does inistate have automation?
Yes, you may automate your business process through Zapier, Integromat or n8n.
Does inistate have API?
No at this moment, but it will be. Our engineers are currently working on beta release of public API for inistate.