AI enabled no-code workflow app
I want to improve procurement process
Describe your process, AI generates the workflows and apps in 30 seconds. Take control of your workflow after with No-code. Simplify your workflow, empower your team with Inistate.
No credit card needed.
On how AI-enabled no-code works.
Different templates of system can be installed and start using right away with just few clicks of buttons
Generate formatted documents and reports on the fly and keep softcopy to view, download, and print.
Profiles & Access
Control the access to information or documents, setting up rights to approve or perform certain activities
Collaborate through comments and view historical trails
Integrates and connects with thousands of apps without hassles
Inistate's flexibility and robustness are impressive where it covers our customized internal business process for Lavender’s fast-growing expansion.
Tam Yong Wen
Chief Executive Officer at Lavender Confectionery & Bakery
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Frequently asked questions
What is the purpose of credit? What are the activities consumed credits?
inistate offers unlimited users and devices wihtout extra charges. inistate charges only usage. One credit will be consumed for users that did an activity that modifies entry's data. Viewing or generating reports does not consume any credits.
What language does inistate support?
inistate is in English. As most part of the system are configurable, users are free to define the fields and buttons using their preferred languages.
What browsers does inistate support?
inistate supports latest version of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox.
What mobile platforms does inistate support?
inistate supports both Android and iOS. inistate apps is available for iOS version 13 or higher through Apple App Store and Android version 6.0 or higher through Google Play.
Does inistate have automation?
Yes, you may automate your business process through Zapier, Integromat or n8n.
Does inistate have API?
No at this moment, but it will be. Our engineers are currently working on beta release of public API for inistate.