Inistate has allow us to build an agile and adaptive business process, which helps us adapt efficiently to our retail brands and partners.

As a sustainability ICT text business, we are consistently facing challenges on our logistics and business process for our ICT buyback and repair services.

We were searching for a low code system that can help to streamline our process, improve productivity, and yet retaining the flexibility to adapt to our partners business processes.

Inistate’s innovative workflow management platform allowed us to design and develop a custom internal system tailored to our specific needs. Their intuitive interface made it incredibly easy to map out and visualize the entire repair process, from initial customer inquiries to final delivery.

By leveraging Inistate's AI-powered capabilities

We were able to automate several aspects of our repair service, such as assigning technicians, tracking repair progress, and providing real-time updates to customers. This has significantly improved our team's efficiency and reduced manual workload.

Flexibility and Adaptability

One of the standout features of Inistate is the ability to manage and adjust our processes at any time. This flexibility allows us to continually adapt and optimize our to continually optimize our processes, ensuring that we stay agile and responsive to our ever-changing business needs.

Excellent tool for anyone

Inistate's platform Unique no code system also created an environment that fosters better collaboration among team members. Our business analyst and even operation team can directly be involved in the improvement and optimisation of our system.

The impact on our business has been remarkable; with a much fast go-to-market solution, we often amazed our partners the quick turnaround time we can develop a proof of concept for our solutions.

We recommend Inistate to any business looking to simplify and enhance their internal processes.
— Tan Ching Hwee, Founder at PC Dreams Group