The ideal way to pass the information on business

Inistate offers more than just a form.

You can now design forms that meet your business needs.

Forms are essential for businesses. Good forms allow users to quickly get the information they need and guide users to pass important information to businesses efficiently.

Form for Business

Choose more than 20 input types, from text, number, and digital signature to tables; Configure them as either read-only, hidden, or required.

Make a form for simple surveys and ordering inquiries to purchase orders or invoices.

Share and collaborate

Gather information, or collaborate with external parties, including your leads, customers, or vendors. Share the form with them, any part of the process. Never copy and paste details from emails or messages into the system again.

All shared forms allow guests to submit comments and attachments to facilitate communication seamlessly. Never search through emails or messages for the information again.

Use the form to allow your customers to submit a ticket and view the status of that ticket. Request additional information from your customers.

Actionable Form

More than just a row or entry in a spreadsheet. Design workflow around the response.

Filling in and submitting an Inistate Form is always the beginning or part of the process. With integrated workflow, Inistate Form is more than form alone. It streamlines the process of getting information and taking action. Information moves faster; business grows more quickly.

Simple Yet Powerful Formulas

Let's meet with Formula, designed to empower everyone, even without any coding, to build complex form logic—no more endless clicking of limited if-else conditions.

Set the form behavior that either shows or hides a section of the form or automatically fills in the rest of the details based on the option selected within seconds.

Seamless teamwork

Collaboration starts right at the form. Comment or give feedback whenever filling or submitting a form.

All the conversations are in one place, and access to the activity history is just a single click away.

Mention your teammate in the comment when you need their attention during the submission. Know what and why the changes are at your fingertips.

Professional and Efficient

Design to move information rapidly. Internal forms are sleek, efficient, and compact so that internal users can get things done faster. External forms are user-friendly and comfortable. It is easier for guests or external parties to consume or fill in the information.

Give better hints or instruction with Content and images. Group information or fields for clarity with Tabs or sections.